We have experienced explosive growth because of your referrals and we want to reward you in every way that we can! For every new client you refer to us, we will reward you with up to 20% in referral fees.

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You can do anything you want with the cash:

• Use it for your fundraiser. (Cash to your organization or group)
• Give it to your friend to use as a discount. (10% off their purchase)
• Use it as credit for your own portraits and custom framing (Studio Credit)
• Pocket the cash and use it anywhere you like! (Cash to you!)

Participating is as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Tell us where to send your money by creating a unique user id.

  2. Keep plenty of our materials handy to give out to your clients, meetup group, school or especially your friends. If you run out, just call us at 720-897-6290 and we will send you more!

  3. Login to your account to view a report of your referrals, orders booked and your cash payments.

It's easier than washing cars!

You refer a new client to us. They spend $1500.00 for wedding photography and a photo album. We give you up to $300.00 studio credit that you can redeem for cash or use for anything else you want. We will pay you in cash, by check or even to your Paypal account.

Program Levels:

Each year, you will receive referrals based upon how many clients that you send us. We want to reward you for your hard work.

Level 1 - You will receive 10% referral fees for your first 5 referrals.

Level 2 - You will receive 15% for your 6th - 10th referral.

Level 3 - You will receive a full 20% commission beginning with your 11th referral.







Write your unique affiliate code in the "Promotional Code" box on our marketing materials. (You can either hand write your code into this box or use a sticker or stamp to make things easier.)

The code can be any short alpha-numeric code. When your referral visits our website, a cookie is saved with your referral code that last for 1 year. You will receive referral credit for any package purchases during that year.






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