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Capturing the high school senior portrait market.

It's that time of year again, spring is coming along with graduation of the current academic class and promotion of the upcoming underclass to the elevated and long awaited status as a 'Senior'. High school seniors want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Of course that may make you wonder why many of them want to wear the same trendy clothes and have the latest cool gear that all of their friends have. But for the most part, they want to be different.

As a high school senior photographer, it is my job to provide that unique vision for every senior I photograph while fullfilling a similar, if often different vision that their parent (usually their mom) may have for their senior pictures. How do we do it?

We were selected as one of the TOP 400 photographers in the nation by Senior Photographers International!

Senior Photographers International

Want to see some of the seniors we've been shooting? Take a look at this video.

The Pre-shoot Consultation

You can't capture a particular senior's individiual style and personal preferences if you don't know what they want and I don't believe that you can't learn enough about someone during the actual shoot to capture their vision of themselves. That's why we use a pre-shoot consultation session where we not only collect vital information about our clients, but we also preview with them various portfolios of senior portraits and determine their likes and dislikes of the various imagery that we show them. Using our consultation facilities, we allow them to view and vote on about 30-40 senior portraits that have been recently published complete with a backing music track in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We also use this session to show our clients the wide variety of items, folios and custom framing options available so they are not overwhelmed during their view & choose session.

The Portrait Session

Once we determine what style and type of photography that our client is looking for, we schedule the actual shoot on following day to give us time to build custom setups for this seniors unique preferences. While our photography has a distinctive look, few of our sessions use the same lighting or props. Most sessions run 1-2 hours and consist of both studio work and shooting 'on location'.

The View & Choose session

After we have retouched the very best photographs from our portrait session, we place a few first-look samples in your online gallery and schedule a 'view & choose' session where our clients gallery of images will be presented on an HD display accompanied by music in a relaxing, low-pressure setting. We don't agressivily 'sell' our images but work very hard to create an emotional attachment between our client and their images. We believe that by creating this emotional attachment, the photographs will almost sell themselves!

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Workshop - Custom Framing for Photographers

You know the old saying, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". This workshop will not only teach you how to custom mat and frame your own photographs but you will also leave with your own print in a 16x20 frame and the knowledge and resources to frame for a lifetime!

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Photovision 2012

Do you want to learn to shoot like a Pro? These Photovision DVD's are great collection of videos that give you a unique opportunity to observe professional photographers in their actual working environments. We use them in our studio for fresh ideas and training and think you might like them too!

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